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Blazing Hearts Ranch is a modern, premium equestrian facility only minutes south of Calgary and east of Okotoks. It offers a safe, clean environment.  BHR excels in horse boarding and horse riding lessons calgary.  It proudly provides excellent boarding, care, training and riding instruction for all level horses and riders.

Our focus is to provide a top of the line facility where horse and rider can work towards their goals in comfort and safety.  Horse riding Lessons and horse training include working with young horses, problem horses and putting finishing touches on for the show ring. Riders of all ages at all levels can be accommodated.  We also welcome a variety of disciplines at Blazing Hearts Ranch. 

If you are looking for horse boarding Calgary or horse boarding Okotoks don’t hesitate to contact us and book a tour of our facilities. If you are looking for Horse Riding Lessons Calgary please visit our lessons page and fill in the contact form. We are accepting new clients and would love to meet you and see if BHR could be a new home for you and your horse.

Blazing Hearts Ranch Arena

Horse Boarding

Boarding is at the heart of Blazing Hearts Ranch.  We have designed our facility and structure as an equestrian centre to focus on the care and housing of the horses.

Blazing Hearts Ranch Outdoor Sand Ring


Blazing Hearts Ranch has a number of training options for horse and for rider.  We are dedicated to continual improvement of both.  Click here to find out all of our current training, lesson and improvement options.
Blazing Hearts Ranch Barn


Blazing Hearts Ranch is located just minutes south of Calgary.  We have indoor and outdoor riding facilities and a 30 stall top level barn.  Click here for more information.

Blazing Hearts Ranch – Some of what we are about

Blazing Hearts Ranch is a modern high end show jumping facility specializing in training top show jumpers and hunters. It offers a safe, clean environment where it proudly provides excellent boarding, care, training and riding instruction for high caliber horses and riders. The large heated indoor arena and three outdoor rings make year round training comfortable and enjoyable. BHR is located a short 20 minutes from Spruce Meadows and Rocky Mountain Show Jumping.  Both Spruce Meadows and RMSJ are located on the south end of Calgary.  They are central to the southern Alberta equestrian show jumping community.

Multi-Discipline Although Blazing Hearts Ranch was designed for the hunter/jumper in all of us.  BHR truly celebrates all horse disciplines and wants to foster growth for all levels of rider and horse. Our focus is to provide a top of the line facility where horse and rider can work towards their goals in comfort and safety. Riders of all ages at all levels and disciplines can be accommodated.  For more specific training information please visit our training pages…

Vision Blazing Hearts Ranch seeks to create an atmosphere of support to encourage riders to be all they can be in a partnership with their horse. It fosters a safe place to practice their skills and build their ability not only for the sport but for life. Through their training and practice we help them see a better quality of life. We provide the place to allow the horse and rider to grow.  A place where all of the factors come together to help bring their dreams into reality.

The ranches desire is to provide horse boarding in the Calgary and Okotoks area.  BHR also is a place to train and ride, and that is at the heart of what we do.  If you would like to book a tour and see if we would be a fit for you please contact us and let us know.

Blazing Hearts Ranch is Proud to Partner with...

Brookside Equestrian and Castle Creek Show Jumping

Trainers we are Partnered with.

Brookside Equestrian

We are proud to partner with BROOKSIDE EQUESTRIAN. Brookside and Blazing Hearts have very similar goals and vision.  Here is a little about them.

Brookside Equestrian is a family owned and operated, professional hunter/jumper program.  It takes pride in managing a personal, hands-on approach.  Brookside helps riders’ at all levels achieve their goals.  We offer the best in riding, training and coaching.  Brookside places a strong emphasis on equitation, polishing up your performance and bringing them successfully to the show ring.  We pride ourselves and our students on providing a fun, supportive and positive environment while still being fierce competitors.

At Brookside Equestrian we incorporate a “team” feeling and atmosphere with our riders. Our Brookside riders support each other and are always having fun together at the barn.  Whether it be a show day, hacking down the road, or a day spent at the barn cleaning tack and bathing horses, you can expect to see smiles on their faces!

Riding is a sport.  It takes time, commitment and dedication from the rider and trainer to improve. Practice makes perfect!

We are excited to welcome Pam Yerxa and her team.

Castle Creek Showjumping is run by Alex Mcbride.

The Facebook Page for Castle Creek Showjumping is CCSJ FACEBOOK